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 Early Birds | Mixed Adults Group
Rob Thompson 928-257-9679
8am | Oasis Church Classroom
Sermon On The Mount: The Be Attitudes
In the sermon, Jesus comments about divorce and remarriage, his solution for anger and anxiety and the true characteristics of his followers, characteristics which are almost universally rejected today.


 Parkway | Mixed Adults Group
Childcare May be Provided
Bob Van Horn 928-941-1795
7-8:30pm | 3588 W. 27th St.
A Study on Apologetics
In this study we will be answering several questions concerning the defense and proof of our faith. Why does God…?

Women Committed to Christ | Women’s Group
Linda Valentine 928-210-1774
7pm-8:30pm | 2843 S. 31st Drive
The Difference Christ Makes by Max Lucado
The Apostle Paul’s letters reminded us that Jesus is all we will ever need. Paul encourages. He challenges. He gives principles for living and interacting at work, in our families, and our churches. Paul’s letters remind us of the difference Christ makes in every aspect of our lives.


Good Neighbors | Mixed Adults—Childcare Provided
Estalee & Hughie Williams 208-819-7025
6:00pm | 4368 W. 12th Lane
God’s Message to the Church by Kay Arthur
Revelation contains God's messages to the seven churches of Asia. See how His messages recorded by John so long ago still speak to the church today. 



MOG | Men’s Only Group
Dave Ager 928-210-2476
6:30pm-8pm | 1150 S. 6th Ave | Begins 9/10
Book of James by Francis Chan
The book of James speaks to the realities of a living faith in Jesus—the kind of roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty discipleship that is borne out of an authentic relationship with the risen Lord.

Averett’s | Mixed Adults Group
Ken & Tonya Averett 928-257-7297
7pm-8pm | 4188 W 23rd Lane
Jesus Conversations by Dave Starrett
Equipping followers of Jesus to be confident in communicating the truths of the Gospel to people who do not believe in


Through the Bible | Mixed Adults Group
Bill & Donna Greer 928-782-2696
6:30pm– 8pm | 4549 W. 18th Lane
Gospel of Jesus Christ
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest news ever and the most important message for you, your family, friends and the world to hear and receive. In our small group we will study the content of the gospel in detail and will learn through practice to share it humbly, lovingly and accurately.


The Journey | Mixed Adults Group
Augie and Lori Clarkson 928-941-0768
6:30-8pm | Oasis Church—Classroom #1
Gospel of Mark by Francis Chan
Francis Chan invites us to walk with him along the ancient ways of the Master. Tracing the steps of Jesus and the Twelve through Israel, Francis explores the major themes of the Gospel of Mark, and asks: Are we willing to take this journey to embrace discipleship?

Created Beautiful | Women’s Group--Childcare Provided
Hillary Jimenez 928-919-1975
6:30pm-8pm | 3119 W. 16th Place
Hello, Beauty Full by Elisa Morgan
Instead of believing the hiss of the “not enough-ness”, women are encouraged to see their beauty the way God does. In our eyes, brokenness makes us unlovable and unusable. But in his Word, God is clear that he sees us the way we already are in Christ: deeply loved and abundantly influential.

God’s Design for a Man | Men’s Group
Monty Hall 928-299-6855
7pm-8pm | 10360 E. 37th Place (Foothills)
Understanding the Mind of a Woman by Ken Nair
This study will cover becoming the Christ-like man, father, and husband God designed you to be.

 Mrofka’s | Mixed Adults Group—Childcare Provided
Albert & Adriana Mrofka 928-581-3399
7pm-8pm | 2843 S. 48th Way
Book of James
The Book of James is filled with practical wisdom for
Christians, calling us to live out genuine faith through good works. 



Rubio’s |Grupo Mixto de Adultos—Spanish
Guarderia Disponible
Manuel Rubio 928-344-4018
7pm-8:30pm | Iglesia Oasis
Más Alla De Tu Vida
Somos creados por un gran Dios para hacer obras grandes. Él nos invita a vivir nuestra vida no sólo en el cielo,sino aquí en la tierra. ¿Qué ocurriría si vivieras de tal manera, que tu muerte fuera simplemente el comienzo de tu vida?


Arrizon’s | Grupo Mixto de Adultos—Spanish
Roberto & Teresa Arrizon 928-388-2238
7-8:30pm | 1485 N. Bentu Ave, San Luis, AZ
La Gran Comision
En este estudio cubriremos cómo SER LA IGLESIA de la Gran Comisión. Cómo Cristianos podemos aprovechar lo que somos a través de ÉL, Jesucristo.


Young Adults | High School Juniors-25 years
Alfonso Garcia 760-540-7982
7-8:30pm | Oasis Classroom
The Invisible War by Rick Warren
Why is everything in life so hard? Why does doing the right thing often feel like a battle? Pastor Rick shares insights from God’s Word about the unseen spiritual forces working against us; the invisible war between good and evil. This series will help you win the battle within.

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